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Dr. Bays Recognizes Dalton Yeager

 After 17 years, there isn’t a staff member at FISD that Dalton Yeager hasn’t impacted. He is an FISD Computer Technician, and he keeps things running around here. But, it’s not what he does that inspired recognition from Dr. Bays, but rather how he does it.

Technology issues aren’t always the easiest to navigate and when people have problems, they may be frustrated or even down right irritated, but Dalton doesn’t let that bother him at all. He comes in, saves the day and does it with a smile. No matter the problem, Dalton is willing to spend extra time finding a solution, ensuring that all of us at FISD have what we need to do our jobs.  James Urbanczyk, FISD Technology Coordinator, describes Dalton perfectly, “Dalton is an expert at his craft; an IT ninja. He invests time learning new methods of solving complex issues and cannot rest until a resolution is found.” Dalton doesn’t expect any recognition for the outstanding service he provides the FISD staff. As a matter of fact he says, “It's just the way things should be done, nothing else to it.”

Dalton enjoys his job and understands that the technology department is part of a bigger picture, and that’s one of the things he likes best.  He says, “I like that I go to every part of the district and deal with just about all of the faculty. When you've been everywhere and know everybody, it gives you a real appreciation of everything the district does.”

But, what Dalton doesn’t like to talk about is his own wide-reaching impact, even beyond what he does for the staff. Urbanczyk notes that Dalton has trained over 20 IT student-workers during his tenure at FISD. “Dalton is always willing to share his knowledge and has made a real impact on our students. I am proud to have him on the Tech Team.” We are happy that Dalton has chosen to invest his talents here; he is a valued member of the FISD Team. #FISDGreatStaff