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FISD Elementary STEM Writing Camp

Finding innovative ways to make learning meaningful for every student is a focus at FISD. For instance, incorporating STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) strategies to make students better writers. FSE and FNE students spent a week in June with Joel Rodriguez from the Region 20 Education Service Center working with Legos to improve, and even enjoy, their writing!

Part of being a good writer is understanding the elements of a story. Students used Lego kits to help them create characters, scenes and storylines. They used a spinner to randomly determine which Lego pieces they would use to literally “build” their stories on “scene plates”. After building their own scenes, complete with Lego characters, it was time to write. Students took their scene plates and identified the characters, setting, problem and solution for their story and created a booklet with their notes so that they could easily refer to it during the writing process. Once their story elements were in place, students could begin creating the final product, a comic strip that told their entire story.

To help them create comic strips, students skyped with an actual author and illustrator who shared some of her work and gave them tips about comic strip writing and what to do when they “get stuck” while trying to write a story. After working hard to create the first draft of the comic strip, students were paired together to help refine the stories; they praised each other’s work, asked questions about the story and gave advice for improvements. Once the collaborative editing process was completed, the comic strips were transferred to iPads, where they finally came to life! On the last day of the camp, students shared their final work with the entire group.

Deana Smith, FSE Teacher, assisted with the camp and shared her thoughts about the experience, “The week allowed each of those students to grow and accomplish things that they never thought possible in their writing. Their confidence shined as they couldn't wait to share their creations on the last day!”

FISD is excited to be able to provide creative, hands-on experiences that enhance the many skills students need to be successful in school and in life.