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Mrs. Marcia Gonzales Named FHS Principal Beginning 2019-2020 School Year

FISD is proud to announce that Mrs. Marcia Gonzales will serve as FHS principal beginning in the 2019-2020 school year. Mrs. Gonzales has proudly served FISD for over 21 years as a counselor, assistant principal and principal.  She fits the profile of the FHS Principal created by Floresville High School staff members and will bring a combination of instructional leadership and discipline management while building relationships with her students and staff. 

Mrs. Gonzales is a strong instructional leader who clearly communicates and monitors instructional expectations to best support her staff.  She values input from stakeholders before making decisions that are in the best interest of all students.  Mrs. Gonzales implemented innovative practices at Floresville Middle School, including Genius 30, an initiative that allows students to explore their own passions and encourages creativity in the classroom. She also redesigned her bell schedule to allow for intervention and enrichment, ensuring that all students’ needs are met. 

Because of Mrs. Gonzales’ leadership and the relationships she cultivates, she inspires her staff to be innovative and take risks. More teachers on her campus, than any other in our district, applied for and received “Future Ready Teacher Grants”, providing Chromebooks and professional development for successful technology integrations.  Believing that we are all lifelong learners, Mrs. Gonzales hosts “Lunch and Learns” with her staff, using Google Classroom.

Mrs. Gonzales has led FMS to multiple Distinction Designations in the last several years.  In 2014-15, her first year at FMS, the campus earned one Distinction Designation.  In 2016-17 they earned three Distinction Designations and last year they earned four (Academic Achievement in Math, Science, Social Studies and Postsecondary Readiness).

While she has high expectations for academic learning, she also understands the importance of meeting the social and emotional needs of her students and staff.  Recognizing the need to provide predictability in an effort to create a safe and caring learning environment was a motivating factor in the implementation of Capturing Kids Hearts at FMS.  She initiated the PAW (Parents Actively Watching) program, inviting parents to be present on campus to learn more about the campus culture while being an extra set of eyes and ears on the campus.  For the first time, the entire student body participated in service projects, chosen by the students. This year, FMS also held its first Student Skills Day, a day full of hands-on learning experiences.

Mrs. Gonzales has proven to be an exceptional leader at FMS and FISD is excited to see her influence at FHS.