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FISD Board Approves 19-20 Budget and Pay Raises

At the Regular June meeting, the FISD Board of Trustees approved the 2019-20 budget that includes raises for all employees.

House Bill 3 requires FISD to spend $1,148,668 on raises, of which $861,501 must be used to compensate teachers, counselors, nurses and librarians, with priority given to those with six or more years of experience in those positions. It also mandated that $287,167 be spent on other full time employees, excluding administrators.  In addition to monies mandated by HB 3, FISD contributed an additional $360,000 toward raises and market value adjustments determined by a TASB Pay Systems Review, for a total compensation increase for the 2019-20 school year of $1,515,552.



Raise + Market Value Adjustment

Teachers 1-5 Years Experience


Teachers, Counselors, Librarians and Nurses with 6+ Years Experience









At the Board meeting, Penny Smith, FISD Board President, said, “We recognize how critically important our staff is to our students’ success.  While we wish we could do even more to compensate our staff for all they do to prepare our students for a prosperous life, this raise is significant compared to the 1-2 percent range FISD has provided in the past. “

Dr. Sherri Bays, Superintendent of Schools explained that FISD was working hard to ensure pay raises for every employee long before the state mandate. The FISD Board made compensation a priority for the 19-20 school year and challenged administration to ensure staff would receive a well-deserved pay increase.

“I want to thank our staff for their dedication to the students of Floresville ISD. Although this legislative session is a step in the right direction, we still have work to do to make sure public schools are adequately and fairly funded and teachers are acknowledged for their work with more than words,” said Bays.