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FISD Leadership Team Gives Back to Community

FISD campus and district leaders’ traded in dress clothes and computers for t-shirts, paint brushes, shovels, ladders and measuring tapes!

If you head out to Lodi, you might notice a couple of changes. At the Lodi Park basketball courts, rims and backboards were painted and repaired, the courts were measured and lined, all the rusty poles were painted, benches were installed and trees were planted. At the same time, another team was busy at a Lodi residence painting the entire outside of the home and doing some landscaping.

The projects were a team effort with FISD, The City of Floresville, the Floresville Economic Development Corporation, Floresville Parks Foundation, the Wilson Area Children’s Foundation and Felipe Rodriguez Construction all working together to make it happen.

“The FISD District Leadership Team expressed an interest in serving our community in a different way. The City entities and the WACF helped us identify projects where we could provide some manpower and really make some big changes. This kind of work is about being connected to people and community, being a family.” said Sherri Bays, FISD Superintendent.

“All of FISD’s guiding documents, the FISD Core Beliefs, Portrait of a Graduate and Strategic Plan, have a component about being a contributing member of society. We have to model what we want to see in our students. This was a perfect example of how every person can make a difference in their community,” Bays said.

Ben Reed, the Director of the Floresville Economic Development Corporation, is excited about the partnership, “It was great to start this kind of partnership in Lodi, the first settlement of Wilson County. It takes a community effort to make our city shine. I look forward to more projects like these in the future.”

Henrietta Turner, Floresville City Manager was also inspired by the collaborative spirit of the day. “It was truly a community partnership, a truly beautiful event. It’s so exciting to be a part of such a great collaboration. The City looks forward to continuing the partnerships with FISD, the FEDC and all the volunteers that worked so hard on these projects,” said Turner.