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LED Lighting Installation at FISD, Saving Money and Energy

This fall, Floresville ISD is replacing all existing internal and external lighting with LED lighting and fixtures.

According to Michael Schroller, FISD Executive Director, the job will consist of replacing 14,000 fixtures and bulbs across the district and will save the district a significant amount of money annually.

“The change to LED will reduce energy costs by a projected 46%. Because of the longevity of LED bulbs, it will also reduce maintenance costs. In all, we expect to save the district at least $10,820 annually, not to mention the time and effort it will save our maintenance staff,” explained Schroller.

Internal lighting will be installed outside of the school day so it will not interfere with instruction.

Sherri Bays, FISD Superintendent, says the switch to LED lighting aligns with the district’s goals.

“One of the Floresville ISD goals is to exercise fiscal responsibility so it’s important that we explore new ways we can be good stewards of public funds. The switch to a more cost and energy-efficient lighting is both fiscally and environmentally the responsible thing to do.”