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Community of Character Award

On September 25, Yesenia noticed that one of her teachers did not look well. After observing his behavior, she recognized the situation and was instrumental in getting immediate medical help from the school nurse.
According to FHS school nurse, Amy Hayden, as Yesenia walked with her to the classroom, she was able to give a full report of symptoms, a timeline of what occurred and key details that helped Ms. Hayden analyze the situation before she even got to the teacher. Instead of starting an assessment from scratch, Ms. Hayden was able to focus on an immediate neurological assessment that suggested the need for emergency care and transport to the hospital.
Yesenia remained calm throughout and also was able to follow additional instructions quickly and precisely and went to the office to request administrative assistance
Thanks to Yesenia's quick action and calm demeanor, Nurse Hayden was able to assess and handle the incident quickly resulting in a better outcome for the teacher. Yesenia’s judgment and maturity in a high-stress situation made a difference that can’t be measured.