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Maximizing Student Potential by Identifying Individual Strengths

One of FISD’s goals is that each student will maximize their potential. One of the ways FISD is helping students do that is by helping them identify their strengths. This is nothing new, Strengths have been a focus at FISD for years. However, the Strategic Planning Committee has provided more specific direction about how FISD will make strengths an important part of the district’s culture.

In November, 6th grade students will take the Clifton StrengthsExplorer assessment and 9th graders will take the CliftonStrengths assessment. Every student will be able to see where their natural talents lie, helping them focus on what they do best.

Mr. Mike Schroller, FISD Executive Director, says that students will also begin hearing strengths themed announcements weekly.

“Consistent messages about strengths will not only teach students to use their own strengths to maximize their potential but also help them learn how to work with others who have different strengths. It helps all of us understand one another better and creates a better environment for collaboration,” said Schroller.

Dr. Sherri Bays, FISD Superintendent, has been working with Strengths for many years and believes that it is an important part of what FISD does to help students and staff succeed.

“Knowing our Strengths not only helps us focus on what we do best, but it also identifies a unique set of tools to use when we are struggling to learn something new or different. It helps us start from a place of ‘I can’ instead of ‘I can’t’ and that is a huge part of remaining hopeful about our abilities and potential,” explained Bays.