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FISD Education Foundation Awards $55,000 to Teachers

The Floresville ISD Education Foundation announced the recipients of the 2019 Innovative Teaching Grants on December 13, 2019.  In September, the Foundation announced that it would fund grants submitted by FISD teachers and administrators for a variety of innovative programs and projects to support student learning. This year’s funded grants will enhance student academic performance and support the objectives, goals and initiatives of campuses’ improvement plans. 

The Foundation received 75 applications from teachers at all school levels - elementary, middle, high, and alternative school.  A grant committee reviewed the applications and selected 73 grants to fund for 2019.

Just five years ago, the FISDEF awarded their first grants totaling $5,000. This year, the FISDEF awarded nearly $55,000 in grants to teachers and projects at FISD. Stacy Meuth, FISDEF president, says she loves seeing the excitement and smiles on the faces of teachers and students on Prize Patrol Day.

“It makes all the hard work throughout the year worthwhile,” she said.

Meuth credits the growth of the grant program to the people of Floresville.

“The generosity of our Floresville community and the hard work and dedication of the Education Foundation board members has allowed the Education Foundation grant program to grow and provide thousands of dollars in support to our teachers and students at FISD,” she shared.

Meuth is a former educator and knows how these grants affect classroom instruction.

“I love knowing that students will experience innovative and engaging activities that positively impact the quality of their learning,” explained Meuth.

Dr. Sherri Bays, FISD superintendent, appreciates the support of the FISDEF and community.

“During times when every dollar counts, the extra resources provided by these grants are so important. I am beyond grateful for the dedicated members of the FISDEF and the community members who donate to the Foundation,” said Bays.

Dr. Bays is excited about what the grants allow teachers to add to their toolbox.

“When you look at the grants awarded to teachers, you can see that they are for things that enhance the way classrooms look and work. From flexible seating to podcasting, we are giving teachers new ways and tools to teach the skills students need to be successful in the 21st century.”

2019 Floresville Education Foundation Grant Winners


Floresville North Elementary


Terry Garza/Paige Koenig/Rosie McCain

Electronic Dictionaries

Lori Pruitt

Collaborative Learning Spaces

Amanda Schulze/Carrie Ploch

OSMO-Hands On Learning Brought to Life

Monica Schlueter

Swivel for Enhancing and Expanding Instructional Engagement for Each Student

Julie Smith/Deana Smith

LEGO Story of Tales Set

Judy Fleming

I-Pad for Pre-K

Monica Rodriguez

Sensory Area

Allison Pruski/Briana Gonzales/Beverly La France/Margarita Rodriguez

Little Sprouts Outdoor Learning and Gardening Classroom

Allison Pruski

3 Interactive Learning Chromebooks

Mirna Garza

Path to Success Through Guided Math

Shannon Duke/Brenda Salinas

Unbox the Magic of STEM Boxes

Tamara Hernandez

Pre-K Maker Spaces

Genevieve Rodriguez

Expanding Possibilities Through iPad Technology for Tomorrow

Sarah Rethaber

iLearn Through iPad Technology for Tomorrow

Taelyr Coleman

iLearn Through iPad Technology for Tomorrow

Stacy Hayslip

iLearn Through iPad Technology for Tomorrow

Tricia Jarzombek

Chroming for Differentiation!

Heather Belcher/Mariza Garcia

Going All In With Digital Learning

Rochelle McCrohan

CHROMING for Education

Margarita Rodriguez

Chroming Innovatively!

Kelly Lane

The Path To Guided Math

Briana Gonzales

The Success Path to Guided Math

Daidra Chilek

Enhancing Digital Portfolios Using Seesaw

Kirsten Terro

Mini Masters with Manipulatives

Kelsey Williams

Collaborative Workspaces

Catalina Villareal

Collaborative Workspaces

Lacey Pfeil

Innovative Independent Research Project

Casey Homeier

iPad in Technology Center

Shellie Zamora

BRAINball Physical Education Learning System

Kirsten Ernst

Collaborative Workspaces

Kimberly Hineman

Collaborative Workspaces

Kelly Bryan

Collaborative Workspaces

Ashley Wengler

Collaborative Workspaces

Dorothy Karas

Lego WeDo Kits for Robotics Club


Floresville South Elementary

Kimberly Embrey

Swivel System to Aid Teacher Growth

Alyssa Bertrand

Engaging Young Readers

Terri Gailey

Collaborative Learning Environments

Brandi Brown

Blended Learning in a 21st Century Classroom

Brandi Shaffer

Differentiating in the Classroom with Technology

Stephanie Gilchrist

Flexible Seating

Ashley Kline

Tactile Learning in Mathematics for Struggling Students

Celena Hernandez

Flexible Seating

Tamara Pfeil

Tactile Learning in Reading for Struggling Students

Resa Walters

Building Literacy Skills with iPads

Elisabeth Kotzur

Reading Intervention

Jordan Sekula/Rosella Silva/Lisa orth/Lesa Peterson/Christy Canales/Lisa Lucio

Headphones to Focus on Student Learning

Sandie Claus

Flexible Spaces

Catherine Bruett

iPad 2 Learning-Innovation Through Interoperability

Caroline Cragun

Differentiating in the Classroom with Technology

Loretta Janek

Increasing Literacy Skills with Technology

Daelah Laskowski

Flexible Seating

Pam Henke

Flexible Seating

Debra Yeager

Flexible Seating

Amy Hawkins

Flexible Seating

Rachel Draper

Flexible Seating

Valerie Sanchez

Flexible Seating

Sonia Lucio

Flexible Seating

Kathleen Frantz

Flexible Seating

Tony Silva

Headphones for Kindles and Chromebooks

Katherine Johns

Rhythm Path

Stephanie Jimenez

Flexible Seating

Jeffrey Stavinoha

Sharpening Soft Skills


Floresville Middle School


Megan Aguilar

The Mess in 310: Student Artist Podcast & Digital Portfolio Package

Robin Koch

Collaborative Learning Environments

John Curtin/John Villafranco

Improve Listening Skills Through Quality Recordings


Floresville High School


Rob Davidson/Debbie Stiefer

Studio Upgrade-Audio Visual & Photography

Amanda Herrera

Collaborative STEAM

Denise Knight/Tara Jacob

Bringing the World to Our Students

Amy Carter

Blended Learning Literature & Writing

Nayeli Wauson

Creating Flexibility in Learning

Marti Blose

Relaxation Station

Andrea Aguilera

Collaborative Technology