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Board Member Spotlight - Penny Smith, Board President

How do Floresville students inspire you?

I have had the opportunity to work with many students on different committees that are active throughout the District.  When I see the creativity and focus they have, it is truly inspiring.  They present opinions and perspectives that we, as adults, might never think about.  I love seeing the confidence they have in themselves when they speak about topics they are interested in.  Our students succeed not just academically, but in so many other areas also, which creates a well-rounded, balanced adult.

What are your hopes for the students of FISD?

I would love to see each student succeed in whatever area interests them personally.  We have such a wide range of talented kids that includes everything from artists and astronauts to welders and mathematicians!  I want to see our students progress not only academically, but also as people of high character and morals.  FISD helps the students achieve all this and more.

Why do you choose to serve the students, staff and families of Floresville?

I believe every person should volunteer their time in some way for the betterment of those around you.  That might include the local school, church, civic organizations, or any other worthy groups.  I believe that when you give of your time and talents, you always get back more than you could ever give away.  I know personally, that’s been true for me during my five years of service as a Trustee.  I believe that FISD provides a quality education, along with meeting the social and emotional needs of our kids, and that is part of why I choose to serve.