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Board Member Spotlight - Rachel Peña, Secretary

How do Floresville ISD students inspire you?

Great things happen at FISD every day, and I am incredibly proud of all our students. Serving as an FISD Board member allows me many opportunities to work with and serve the amazing students at FISD, who are learning and leading in many capacities and organizations. Seeing and celebrating their academic and extracurricular success inspires me to provide them with the tools and cutting-edge programs they need to be successful in today’s global society. Ultimately, our students are the hope for the future. Ensuring FISD student success ensures the continued strength of our city, state, and country.    

What are your hopes for the students of FISD?

My hope is that every student exceeds their maximum potential, become productive citizens, and lead by example, whatever their goals may be. Moreover, it is my sincerest hope that every student is confident in their worth, skills, and knowledge. Self-assurance is vital to success, both professionally and personally.

Why do you choose to serve the students, staff and families of Floresville?

I am a product and an advocate of the public school system. I recognize that we are the guardians of our children and their future. I am committed to making sure that our school district offers a quality education to all students and that it provides a safe and challenging learning environment.