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FSE Art Show - Spreading the Wings of Creativity

As you walked into FSE, on February 6, 2020, visitors saw the quote, “Until you spread your wings, you’ll have no idea how far you can fly.” Tracie DeLeon, first-year FSE Art teacher, chose that quote because that is exactly how she felt about displaying the work of her students.

“I felt like I was sending little birds out to use their wings for the first time,” said DeLeon about how she felt seeing all of her students’ works ready for display. 

At FISD, every elementary student experiences Art through a rotation schedule, giving them the opportunity to explore creativity through the visual arts. DeLeon believes that art makes students think in a different way and turn “mistakes” into opportunities.

“Art education helps students stretch out the right side of their brains. We’re learning how to work with mistakes and how to believe in our ability to create. One thing I aim for is never telling a student that they’re doing something wrong because what they create is unique and no one else can make art exactly like they can,” she explained.

FISD offers visual arts for students pre-k through 12, including Advanced Art at Floresville High School to give students the opportunities to explore their interests and find their passions. For more information about Art courses at FISD, contact your child’s counselor.