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Message from Dr. Bays November 13 - Important Reminders & COVID-19 Numbers Available

November 13, 2020

Dear FISD Families,

As we watch COVID-19 cases increase across the state and nation, I wanted to provide information about how FISD is continuing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our schools, how you can monitor the district’s cases, isolation and quarantine numbers as well as how you can help our efforts to keep students and staff safe and healthy.

To provide transparency regarding the impact of COVID-19 on our campuses, we have created a COVID-19 Dashboard. The dashboard contains the current number of cases, isolations and quarantines both cumulatively and by campus. The dashboard is updated by 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and is housed in the Reopening Information. You can view it by clicking here.

FISD is following guidelines from the Texas Education Agency and working with the local health authorities regarding isolations and quarantines after being notified of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. The guidelines can be found in the FISD Back to School Guidance beginning on page 6. Each positive case is investigated fully by the FISD Health Services Coordinator and the FISD Executive Director with assistance from local health authorities. Individuals are quarantined based on the Texas Education Agency’s definition of Close Contact provided below:

  1. being directly exposed to infectious secretions (e.g., being coughed on); 


      2. being within 6 feet for a total of approximately 15 minutes throughout the course of a day; however, additional factors like case/contact masking (i.e., both the infectious individual and the potential close contact have been consistently and properly masked), ventilation, presence of dividers, and case symptomology may affect this determination.  

While FISD has seen an increase in the number of cases recently, the number of positive cases remains low. Campuses monitor the Dr.Owl health screener daily and enforce isolation for staff and students who report possible COVID-19 symptoms. FISD continues to thoroughly clean and sanitize classrooms, offices and common spaces with an approved COVID-19 disinfectant daily. Students are socially distanced when possible in classrooms and common spaces and wearing masks when distancing is not possible. 

FISD is committed to keeping our students and staff healthy. You can help us keep our staff and students healthy in the following ways

  1. If you take your child to be tested for COVID-19 and the child is not currently isolated or quarantined, please notify the campus of the test and keep your child at home until you receive results.
  2. Remind your child to maintain 6 feet of distance from others.
  3. Remind your child to wear a mask when social distancing is not possible.
  4. Continue to complete the Dr.Owl screener and indicate when your child is experiencing the symptoms listed.

As the holiday season approaches, I know we are all excited to spend time with our families and friends. Please keep the safety of everyone in mind as you celebrate the holidays with loved ones. One thing I know to be true about the Floresville Family is that we always support one another during difficult times. These are difficult times. I am grateful for your support, assistance and understanding as we work to keep our campuses open and staff and students healthy.

Dr. Sherri Bays
Superintendent of Schools