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New Student Mentoring Program at FISD


During the first semester, the PAL classes focused on developing leadership skills and this semester they are putting them to work to inspire the younger students. The mentoring sessions include guided activities and discussion topics that allow the mentor and mentee to become better acquainted, other times, they simply play games and have fun with each other. It’s really about creating a genuine relationship so that the older students can help and guide the younger students through challenging times, social and academic.

Research tells us that mentoring programs that include consistent, longterm, well-supervised mentor/mentee relationships can yield tangible benefits for students, including higher academic achievement, better family and social relationships, and improved self-esteem. We know it’s working at FISD because we can see it first-hand. The younger students are always excited to see and spend time with their mentors and to share what’s happening in their lives. The older students are happy to be making a difference and are proud of the leadership they are providing. Sometimes, to be the best you can be, you need somebody to hold your hand or just be there to listen and encourage you; that’s happening at FISD.