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FSE Teachers Connecting with Parents

FISD believes that communication between a child’s teacher and his/her parent can have a huge impact on that child’s success in the classroom. FSE teachers are using a new tool to make communication easy, engaging and fun! This summer, 4th grade teachers introduced ClassDojo to their entire staff and, now, FSE teachers are making connections with parents like never before!

ClassDojo functions like a private social media page that parents and guardians can choose to join. Once they join, they can view their children’s ClassDojo pages from any mobile or desktop that has internet service. Teachers share pictures of students’ work and daily activities, they can send messages and reminders, and can even keep parents informed of their child’s successes and challenges. Chelsey Ingle, 4th grade teacher, said, “Parents get real-time notification of student progress. It’s a direct way to communicate; it’s easy and it’s at our fingertips.”

Students are also being engaged by ClassDojo. Each student creates their own unique avatar, a fun digital representation of him/herself, and can add their own pictures, work or videos they want their parents to see. Not only that, but teachers can award points for great behavior at any time during the day, for anything a student does, like holding the door open for another student, helping in the classroom or being kind to a classmate. All of these engaging features help create a positive learning environment for students.

There are many more teacher features offered that help with everything from classroom decorations to timers. “It’s an all-in-one teacher toolkit,” said Courtney Lemley.

FISD is excited that its teachers are finding innovative ways to engage students and parents to build successful relationships as well as academic success.