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About Teen Court

Teen Court is a voluntary judicial program that allows Class C misdemeanor, teen offenders to “pay” for their citations through community service, educational programs and future participation in teen court.

Texas Teen Courts are governed by Section 45.052 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure and Section 54.032 of the Texas Family Code.


We accept cases from our local municipal and justice courts. Additionally, we may accept cases from school districts who would like to use the program as a discipline sanction. We do not charge fees for court costs or fines.


To be eligible for Teen Court, the juvenile must be under the age of 18 and/or are enrolled in a full-time educational program leading towards a high school diploma or GED. A defendant may only choose to participate in a Teen Court program for a first offense. There must be no previous referrals to the probation department.


Once the case has been heard and the sentenced determined, the defendant has 90 days to complete their sentence. If the defendant successfully completes their sentence, the case will be dismissed, and the conviction will not appear on their record. If the defendant does not complete their sentence or if they receive additional citations, their case will be returned to the referring entity where they may receive a fine and a conviction may appear on their record.


Any middle school or high school student in Karnes County or Wilson County, Texas may volunteer to participate in the Teen Court program as a juror, attorney, bailiff or court clerk by completing the Student Volunteer Application and required essay. The application and essay may be emailed or faxed to the contact information listed below. All necessary training for participation will be provided by our adult volunteers.


Contact Information:

Sue Stewart, Karnes County & Wilson County Teen Court Director

335 Alternative Lane

Floresville, Texas 78114

(830)393-5368 ext. 31007 office

(210)601-0724 cell

(830) 393-5743 fax

s-stewart@kwjpd.com email