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Board of Trustees » 2019 FISD Legislative Priorities

2019 FISD Legislative Priorities

FISD 2019 Legislative Priorities



Keep TRS Pension Program as a Defined Benefit

Educators have contributed to TRS during their years of service. TRS must be monitored, with adjustments made as needed, to ensure continued long-term viability.


Continue the current defined benefit pension program for TRS members.


Increase funding for TRS-Active Care and explore additional options

An increase in state funding will assist with increased healthcare costs associated with TRS- ActiveCare and TRS-Care. In addition, alternatives to TRS-ActiveCare that would provide additional options to districts while sustaining the current system for those districts that remain in the system.


Protect the Teacher Retirement System Insurance plan (TRS-Care) by advocating for increased funding and exploring alternatives to TRS-ActiveCare


Increase Funding for Texas Public Schools

In our school funding system, as local school taxes increase, state funding decreases, leaving per student funding flat. Over time this has saved the state billions of dollars----additional funding not being reinvested in public schools for innovative programs or high-quality

teachers. By 2019, the state share of funding will be only 38 percent and without reinvestment, it will continue to decline.


Increase the states overall investment in quality education programs. Increase the state share of the Foundation School Program to 50 percent.

Fund schools adequately by accurately reflecting the cost of education and regularly adjusting for changes in cost and student need.

Invest all current revenue dedicated to education without a reduction in state support.


Keep Public Dollars in Public Schools

Legislative action has brought greater autonomy to our public schools, allowing them to customize education based on student, community, and industry needs. Private school vouchers are a failed experiment in educational autonomy. Research shows vouchers dont deliver improved outcomes for educational innovation. Vouchers lack transparency both in the use of taxpayer dollars and public accountability for educational outcomes.


Support quality school choice and innovative programs within the public school system. Oppose any form of taxpayer subsidy to private schools and vendors, such as: Tax Credit Scholarships, Education Savings Accounts, Vouchers for Students in Special Education.


Fund Pre-K the Right Way

Despite overwhelming research that full-day pre-k can pave the way for student success, the states lack of full-day funding and inconsistent support has short-changed an early learning foundation for many of the kids who need it most.


Provide formula funding for quality, optional full-day pre-k for currently eligible students.