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FISD Board Members

Single-Member District 4: Penny Smith, President
How Floresville students inspire Mrs. Smith

I have had the opportunity to work with many students on different committees that are active throughout the District.  When I see the creativity and focus they have, it is truly inspiring.  They present opinions and perspectives that we, as adults, might never think about.  I love seeing the confidence they have in themselves when they speak about topics they are interested in.  Our students succeed not just academically, but in so many other areas also, which creates a well-rounded, balanced adult.

Mrs. Smith's hopes for FISD students

I would love to see each student succeed in whatever area interests them personally.  We have such a wide range of talented kids that includes everything from artists and astronauts to welders and mathematicians!  I want to see our students progress not only academically, but also as people of high character and morals.  FISD helps the students achieve all this and more.

Why Mrs. Smith serves the students, staff and families of Floresville

I believe every person should volunteer their time in some way for the betterment of those around you.  That might include the local school, church, civic organizations, or any other worthy groups.  I believe that when you give of your time and talents, you always get back more than you could ever give away.  I know personally that’s been true for me during my five years of service as a Trustee.  I believe that FISD provides a quality education, along with meeting the social and emotional needs of our kids, and that is part of why I choose to serve. 


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Single-Member District 7: Heath A. Orth, Treasurer

How Floresville students inspire Mr. Orth
The students of FISD inspire me with their dedication not only to school but to our community as well.  Our students are so eager to perform at their best, whether in a contest or in doing community service. It's my belief that the values of performing well in school and in our community is bestowed on them by parents, teachers, and role models.  I have had the opportunity to work with many students enrolled in our CTE programs and have witnessed the dedication these students have to FISD and their community.  


Mr. Orth's hopes for FISD students

My hope for the students of FISD is that they use the knowledge they have gained from FISD to become successful in their future endeavors.  

Why Mr. Orth serves the students, staff and families of Floresville
As a product of Floresville ISD and a long-time resident of Floresville,  I believe that it is important to be involved in the community as a volunteer.  It is important to build relationships in your community and within an organization.  As a board member, the relationships that are built within the board room ensures that we create a safe learning environment for the students which in turn helps provide a proper education for all students so that they may become productive citizens.

Single-Member District 2: Bonna Reed, Secretary

How Floresville students inspire Ms. Reed
I am inspired by seeing how our students use the excellent educational opportunities of FISD to better themselves.

Ms. Reed's hopes for FISD students
I want to see all the students use their knowledge gained at FISD to achieve learning to reach their goals, and to realize their full potential as future productive citizens.

Why Ms. Reed serves the students, staff and families of Floresville
My priority is to have quality education for all students and to support the teaching staff and learning environment. I want to maintain an honest and open relationship with the families, administration and community.

Single-Member District 1: Joel Odom

Single-Member District 3: Liana Martinez, Member

How Floresville students inspire Mrs. Martinez
Students inspire me to continuously evaluate what's important. I consider myself a lifelong learner and believe that I can learn from our students as well. They inspire me to maintain a growth mindset. I want to raise the bar for them in return and support them by providing quality instruction, accountability and opportunities for growth. This means ensuring that the education they receive is impactful and empowers them to be ready for a future that is constantly changing and evolving.

Mrs. Martinez's hopes for FISD students
My greatest hope is that our district’s vision statement be fulfilled for all students. I hope our students receive a quality education and are supported socially and emotionally. I want students to become aware of the opportunities that are available to them. I want students to be prepared so that when they decide to take a new path, they have the ability to do so. This means ensuring that students not only have choices, but they are also prepared and
equipped for the choices they will be making.

Why Mrs. Martinez serves the students, staff and families of Floresville
I understand the importance of responsible and trustworthy stewardship. I would like to do what needs to be done to bridge the gap to work together for our students. I want to develop good working relationships with all stakeholders and work with fellow board members to act in the interest of the district as a whole. I believe in and support our district’s vision, goals, and core beliefs. What we all do matters and if we do right by our children, the world can be a better place.

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Single-Member District 5: Jason Svoboda, Member

Single-Member District 6: Alena Berlanga, Member

How Floresville students inspire Mrs. Berlanga
I’m inspired by FISD students when I see them face a challenge and problem-solve to overcome it. Their tenacity demonstrates their willingness to work hard and is a characteristic that will make them a valuable asset to their community someday.

Mrs. Berlanga's hopes for FISD students
My hope for the students of FISD is that one day they can use their educational and social experiences as the foundation to build a stronger community, healthy relationships, successful careers, but more importantly, a better version of themselves. My hope is that our children will know failure is not the end, but it is an opportunity to learn and grow even when it may be uncomfortable. As Brazilian author Paul Coelho said, “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”

Why Mrs. Berlanga serves the students, staff and families of Floresville
I chose to serve the FISD community to bring another perspective that is representative of not only students and teachers, but taxpayers and community stakeholders. I have family members that chose teaching as their career. My own children have been in private schools, public schools, special needs schools, and homeschooling. No matter their previous educational experiences, I want every child at FISD to have the ability to attend a school that allows them to be successful and give them the tools to make their dreams come true. I believe in order to give our students the best chance to succeed, we must ensure our teachers are given the resources they need to excel in the classroom and to create a fun and safe learning environment for every single student.

FISD Board Elections and Terms:

Single Member Districts 1, 4, and 7
2018, 2021,2024 and so forth

Single Member Districts 2 and 6
2019, 2022, 2025 and so forth

Single Member Districts 3 and 5
2020, 2023, 2026 and so forth