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Parent Webinar Training for May
TEA Webinar
Statewide Webinar Series
Special Education in Texas and the COVID-19 Outbreak
Special guest presenter:  Justin Porter Ed.D., State Director of Special Education, TEA
Closed Caption Available
April 22, 2020
1:00 PM
Region 20 Parent Training & Webinars


Floresville ISD is committed to providing quality services to students with disabilities in the Least Restrictive Environment possible. The special education services provided to each student are determined strictly on an individual basis. We provide a continuum of services across the district based on levels of supports.


Special Education staff co-teach and/or support facilitate general education classrooms. The continuum of in-class supports ranges from a co-teach assignment where there are 2 full time teachers supporting the classroom with shared responsibilities, to support facilitation which could be a paraprofessional working collaboratively with a teacher in the classroom  2-3 days per week. Support facilitation could also be a paraprofessional providing a planned service daily or a few days per week.  As with all levels of supports, a high level of collaboration among the general education and special education staff members is required for the support to be successful.


Special education staff also provides support for students without directly accessing the student. Students may need modified instructional or testing materials, parent contacts, or close monitoring of progress in the general education setting. As with all levels of supports, close collaboration must exist between the teacher providing the external support and the general education teacher.  Parents are communicated with on a regular basis.


All campuses offer Specialized Support services according to the needs of each individual child. Specialized support services are any services provided outside of the general education setting. Previously, these services were referred to as “resource” , “content mastery” or “self contained”. Services outside of the general education setting provided by a VI Specialist, AI teacher, or therapist would also be considered specialized support. While it is expected that all students have access to the pace of the curriculum in the general education classroom, it is also understood that specific skills development related to the disability, or needed to close gaps in achievement, may be needed outside or in addition to the general education setting.

A variety of specialized support settings provide services to students whose disability requires additional support to the general education classroom. In some cases, modified TEKS are needed in addition to the provision of the accommodations in the general education classroom. The district philosophy is that all students belong in the general education setting with access to accommodated or modified curriculum to the maximum extent possible.

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