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SHAC: Student Health Advisory Committee

FISD Board Policy requires the establishment of a local school health advisory council to assist the District in ensuring that local community values are reflected in the District’s health education instruction.

Below is the membership of the committee. If you are interested in becoming a member of the committee or have questions about the committee, please contact Donna Lynn at dlynn@fisd.us.

2018-2019 Meeting Dates

September 24, 2018
October 29, 2018
December 10, 2018
January 28, 2019
February 25, 2018
March 18, 2018
April 15, 2018

2018-2019 SHAC Membership
Donna Lynn, RN, Committee Chair
Amy Hayden, RN, Co-Chair
Jennifer Fernandez
Rebecca Borrego
Rebekah Street
Destiny Van Heesk
Stephanie Moore
Amy Ricks
Kathy Brown, RN
Tanja Olinick
Cecilia Pettit
Nicole Demmer
Veronica Arriage
Monica Cordova
Lori Marroquín
Myra Trevino
Tina Maloy
Craig Rause
Veronica Vargas
Nora Garza Peche
Ann Osborn
Kaiden Quintanilla
Natalia Franco
Ben Reed
Gregory Brooks
Kim Dzuik
Kim Cathey
Patricia Furtick
Jorge Medina
Katrina Montoya
Karol Koehler
Elisabeth Kotsur
Lucas Muenster
Debbie Stahl
Bernice Delgado
Danielle Zirkel
Celeste Rodriguez
Eloisa Rodriguez
Bobby Schroller
Gregg Richards
Benny Villanueva