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Strengths at FISD

Floresville ISD focuses on your child’s future by emphasizing personal development, including character, college and career readiness and strengths in addition to the required curriculum.  For years FISD has been discovering and developing students’ strengths to maximize their success!  Quite simply, instead of focusing on weaknesses, the goal of Strengths is to identify and utilize strengths and try to make improvements in those areas.
All 6th–12th graders take a survey created to help individuals discover and develop the unique talents within them. The survey will provide each child with a short list of their best attributes so they can build on them to create their most prosperous life!  The survey results are sent home for parent review and are provided to teachers as well.  Imagine what happens when teachers and parents partner to focus on a child’s strengths to find ways to reach their potential. 
Parents can participate, too. We have a limited number of strengths survey codes to provide to parents. Please contact your child’s campus principal if you would like to discover your own strengths or have questions about the strengths survey.  Discovering our students’ strengths is one more way that Floresville ISD is preparing your student for a prosperous life.