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Welcome to the FISD Child Nutrition Page

June 18, 2020


FISD Parent and Guardians,


Floresville ISD will be closed the week of July 6th through July 12th. Curbside meal pickup at Floresville High School will not be available during this week.


Curbside meal pickup on July 2nd will include meals for July 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th.


Curbside service will resume on Monday and Thursday starting July 13th from 10 am to 11:30 am.


We appreciate your continued support of the Child Nutrition Department as we work to provide meals to the children of Floresville and the surrounding areas.




Scott Anglesey

Director of Child Nutrition


Please review our updated returned check policy and procedures for check that are returned for non-sufficient funds. Refer to the RETURNED CHECK POLICY page for more details.

Serving times: 
North: 7:05 am to 7:25 am
South 7:05 am to 7:25 am
Did you know?
Students who eat breakfast have better concentration in class.
Students who eat breakfast do better on classwork.
Students who eat breakfast do better on tests.
Breakfast is FREE to all elementary students.
Any student may decline a breakfast.

 Sodexo is proud to be a part of the Floresville ISD Team!
That’s the Sodexo difference. Treat all customers with respect; pamper them with genuine affection and work as advocates to support your mission. Your students deserve the best. They deserve the Sodexo difference. The entire Sodexo School Services organization focuses solely on the unique requirements of the Pre-K - 12th school environment. This specialized attention assures the administration and parents that their children will have the nourishment and environment they need to fully participate in the education experience.
Most think of them as just kids. We see them as valued customers. We believe that we have the responsibility to nourish their bodies and to provide a clean and safe learning environment. 

Free and Reduced Applications must be completed on line with registration information. Please contact the Child Nutrition Office at 830-393-5357 if you have any questions. Applications are accepted throughout the school year at your child's campus cafeteria.

***You are responsible for all charges to your students account before your student has been accepted as a free or reduced student.

***An original signature must be on the Free and Reduced Application when submitted. Fax or email copies will not be accepted.

Floresville ISD Cafeterias accept cash and checks for school meals. FISD also offers the option of making online credit card payments for student meals. Parents may make online payments to their child's meal account with MasterCard or VISA, debit card 24/7 using myschoolbucks. 
At this time we are unable to take credit/debit cards at the campuses or over the phone.
New guidelines have been established for serving children with Food Allergies and Food Intolerances:
If your student has turned in a “Doctors note” describing a food allergy or intolerance The FISD child nutrition department is now being directed to have an updated form each year. We are no longer able to accept a doctor’s note on a prescription pad as sufficient information. We must have the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Dietary Physician Form on file in the Child Nutrition Department office before we are able to accommodate any special dietary need. This form is available on our website or we can mail you a copy. Accommodation of any non life threatening food intolerance will be done on a case by case basis.
Policy: All cafeterias will display the updated nondiscrimination poster in a prominent location for public viewing in the serving area.
Procedures: The cafeteria manager or unit supervisor will:
1. Listen to parent complaints or concerns, try to answer questions, and provided them with a discrimination complaint form to be completed.
2. The completed form will be forwarded to the district Child Nutrition Director.
Procedures: The Child Nutrition Director will:
1. Forward the discrimination complaint form to the Food and Nutrition Division of the Texas Department of Agriculture at:
Food and Nutrition Division
P.O. Box 12847
Austin, TX 78711
2. Texas Department of Agriculture will forward the information to USDA.

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