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Online Registration Forms

At the beginning of each year, every parent/guardian of a RETURNING FISD student will need to register their child online. It should only take 10 minutes to update your information from the previous year. You will need your child's ID code. If you don’t have your child’s ID code, contact the campus registrar.
Register here: http://forms.fisd.us

All parents/guardians of new students must visit the campus to complete the enrollment process. You may fill out the forms online but this does not complete new student enrollment. To complete enrollment, you will need to provide the following to the campus registrar:
1. Proof of Residency – current utility bill, current government correspondence, etc.
2. Birth Certificate
3. Immunization Record
4. Student’s Social Security Card
5. Photo ID of person enrolling student
6. Copy of court documents proving guardianship, if applicable.
7. School records from prior schools attended (withdrawal form, unofficial transcript or report card, and standardized test results)

Every parent/guardian of a new student may follow the process below to create a family account and then add your child to the account. If you have already created an account, skip to step #3.
1. Go to: http://forms.fisd.us (it will redirect you to a secure site)
2. Enter your personal information under “Create a Family Account” then click on the “Create Account” button
3. Click “New Student” after logging in.
a. Fill out all information for student. Please select school year.
4. To add a child to your household list:
a. Enter your child’s first, middle last name and date of birth
b. Select the school and current grade
c. Click “add student”
d. The child’s name will now appear under your household list
5. Click “Go to Enrollment”
6. Fill out all forms necessary for your child to be registered for the upcoming school year.
7. After you have completed the process, click “Submit Forms”