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HB5 Graduation Plans

House Bill 5 & High School Graduation Requirements

In January 2014, the Texas State Board of Education established the rules that govern House Bill 5 (HB5) and the Foundation Graduation Program requirements for the 2014-2015 freshman class.  The bill provides more flexibility for high school students to pursue either higher education or a career pathway.  It received widespread support among educators and several business groups that are experiencing a need for skilled labor as the Texas economy continues to grow and diversify.  House Bill 5 Graduation Plan created a foundation diploma that all students are expected to meet and offers several endorsements in areas such as business and industry; science, technology, engineering and math; public services; the arts and humanities; and multidisciplinary studies, which is a variety of advanced courses.  An Endorsement is an area of focus designed to have a positive influence on our studentsā€™ future college and career plans.
The Foundation Graduation Program also allows individual students to receive Performance Acknowledgments on their transcript/diploma.  During high school, a student may earn a performance acknowledgment for outstanding performance: in dual credit courses by earning 12 or more hours of college credit, in bilingualism and bi-literacy, on an AP test with a score of 3 or better, on the PSAT, the SAT, or the ACT, or by earning a nationally or internationally recognized business or industry certification or license.  Any current 10th or 11th grade FHS student interested in moving from the 4x4 Graduation Plan to the HB5 Graduation Plan should contact their counselor. 
Students are encouraged to take rigorous coursework that supports their college and career goals.  The Foundation Graduation Plan with an Endorsement will help students be college and career ready upon graduating from high school.   To learn more about the Foundation Graduation Requirements, see information contained in the links below.