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Bays' Broadcast

Bays' Broadcast
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FISD Goes Gold

Floresville ISD Family and Community,

Tonight, FISD has invited Janet Pollok to conduct the coin toss at the football game. Ms. Pollok lost her son, Luke, to childhood cancer when he was 10 years old. This week, FISD went Gold to help fund Childhood Cancer research. For some of our families, a cure will come too late, but for many, across the country and in our own community, research could bring the cure that will save lives.

Joining Mrs. Pollok this evening will be families who have fought and are currently fighting this difficult battle. We will be honoring fighters Darian Ibarra, Jalie Carrasco, Daisey Perez and their families. In memory of those who are no longer with us, we will also honor Alyssa Olivo, Joey Tamez, Keilani Touchstone and their families. We appreciate they are taking the time to be with us tonight and for fighting for not only their children, but the children of others.

Thank you to the many students, staff, parents and community members who have supported our efforts to raise funds this week. FISD will be donating over $2000 to childhood cancer research as a result of your generosity.

#FISDGoesGold #BeBoldGoGold #FightLikeAKid #FISDPurposeful #FISDCharacter #FISDandtheCommunity

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Did you know that every two minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer? Every school day, 46 kids are diagnosed and 7 of those will die. Floresville ISD is joining the fight to find a cure for childhood cancer, this September. We’re asking you to help raise awareness by participating in the “Gold Out” at the Tiger Football game on September 7th. For $10, you can buy a gold t-shirt with the “Step Up For Childhood Cancer” message. The proceeds from the sale of the shirts will go to St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a foundation that supports childhood cancer research. Let’s help, together. You can order a shirt between now and Friday, August 31st at 11am. The order form is attached and on the FISD Website. The form and money can be returned to the front office of your child’s campus or, for anyone that doesn’t have a child at FISD, it can be returned to the FISD Central Office, 1200 5th Street. You will be able to pick-up your shirt on Thursday, September 6th wherever you turned-in your form.


“We believe that helping one another strengthens our community.” #FISDGoesGold

Tax Ratification Election

As an entity that teaches civic responsibility, I appreciate those of you who exercised your right to vote in the tax ratification election.  The voters have spoken, and we are already moving forward with that feedback and finalizing the budget for this year.  After being asked, I want to make it clear that budget adjustments will be made in order to keep the two police officers we recently added to provide additional security on campuses. 

The good news is Floresville ISD always has its students’ best interests in mind, and the dedication of our staff to our students is stronger than ever.  With that said, we have very exciting and important work ahead of us as we begin the FISD Strategic Planning process in September.  The work of public schools is more challenging now than ever before, as we prepare students for jobs and careers that don’t yet exist.

As public schools are faced with financial challenges and asked to do more with less, I will continue to advocate on behalf of our FISD students and staff as the 86th Legislative Session is called to order January 8, 2019.  You can rest assured I will work with the FISD Board of Trustees to continue to be fiscally responsible and seek out every opportunity to receive additional funding for our district.  It’s an honor to serve Floresville ISD students, staff and community.

Safety Message

FISD Parents and Community,

After the recent school shooting in Florida, I know that you may be concerned about the safety of your children while they are at school. I want to reassure you that safety and security has been and continues to be a priority at FISD.  Our staff is my family and your children are our children; we work every day to provide a safe and secure environment for both. This week, the District Leadership Team met and discussed the importance of reminding staff to be vigilant - keeping our eyes and our ears open at all times, checking to ensure doors and entrances are secure, ensuring visitors have passes and reporting anything out of the ordinary. I want to share with you some of the things FISD has in place to make sure your children are safe at our campuses.

To ensure consistent and specific responses to crisis situations, an Emergency Operations Plan, as outlined by the Texas School Safety Center (TSSC), is utilized at FISD. A safety and security audit of all Floresville ISD facilities was completed in 2017, submitted to the TSSC, and presented to the Board as required. FISD met, or exceeded, all standards of this comprehensive audit.  We have implemented recommended improvements as we continue to work to provide the safest possible learning and working environment.  To protect campuses further, there are additional measures and protocols in place that are unpublished for security reasons. Additionally, we are enhancing a Multi Hazard Training Manual that will help to guide staff through more specific scenarios.  

We also have taken thorough measures on campuses to ensure the physical safety and security of staff and students. Every campus conducts monthly drills and evacuations so staff and students know what to do in different types of emergency situations. Each campus uses the Raptor Visitor Management System that requires all visitors to check-in at the campus office and undergo a screening before entering the building.  All campuses now have main entrances with secure vestibules.  All staff members are required to wear photo ID badges.  

By recognizing and encouraging acts of kindness and reminding students and staff of the importance of taking care of each other, we are proactively focusing on creating a caring and respectful environment throughout our district. We encourage you and your children to use our Stay Alert system, to report unkind or concerning behavior via email or phone.

We also know that when we work and communicate with each other, our students and staff will have the safest and most secure environment. That is why we continue to provide opportunities to keep parents informed about important safety topics. Most recently, FMS hosted a parent night with information about the dangers of social media and the importance of parents monitoring their child’s use of it.

In December, FISD once again facilitated the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) with city, county and state law enforcement at one of our campuses. In addition, an Intruder Assessment was conducted and suggested improvements have been implemented.  FISD also has a contractual agreement with both city and county law enforcement to provide support when needed. Both entities also monitor our campuses when school is not in session. Finally, in December we received a grant to add another officer to the FISD Police Department.

Unfortunately, these are anxious times, and our children are seeing and hearing about things that are deeply disturbing to us even as adults. If your child needs help processing their thoughts and feelings, specifically as it relates to trauma and grief, do not hesitate to reach out to their school counselor. Please know that safety is and will continue to be a priority for FISD and that we proactively plan so that we can be best prepared in the event of a crisis. Anyone with concerns or suggestions is encouraged to contact your child’s campus principal or central office staff at 830-393-5300.

Dr. Sherri Bays
FISD Superintendent of Schools




Hope Matters

What is hope and why does hope matter? Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. Hope is about our future. It can be about our immediate future, it can also be long-term. Adults can be hopeful about having dinner with good friends or being a contributing member of a team. Children can be hopeful about going out to recess or learning something new. A community can be hopeful about selling cupcakes. Hope comes in different shapes and forms for different people. When we have hope, we are more likely to be committed to our work at hand.

There are things we can do to be more hopeful and even encourage others around us to have more hope. In education, we need to challenge every student to find at least one goal they are excited about, we need to teach them how to develop multiple pathways to achieve that goal, and then we need to help them overcome the obstacles they encounter until they can do it on their own. Research tells us hope predicts which students show-up for school and how well they do. Hopeful students completed more courses and had a better report card than less hopeful students. Hope is even a predictor of graduation.

If we commit to making hope a priority every day, then especially in difficult times it is easier to cope, because we have that foundation. Life is hard, and now, more than ever before, we need to understand that cultivating and having hope is not just another tool in our toolbox, it’s an essential tool.

Learn more about hope and the amazing things happening at FISD by clicking on the link below


United in Grief, United in Hope

Tonight, Floresville ISD and Southside ISD students and fans are wearing white in honor and in memory of those lost or injured as a result of the shooting in Sutherland Springs on Sunday, November 5th.  Our teams are tied for first place in the district 29-5A championship, but the competition between the schools is met with unity, solidarity, grief and love as we unite on this evening.

Southside Superintendent Mark E. Eads extends his support, “It is in times like these that it is important we all stand together in the face of evil acts. Our children always come first. Southside is here to support our sister schools in whatever way we can. Our hearts and prayers are with Floresville and all the other districts affected.”

I would like to express my appreciation of support coming in for the students, families and communities affected. As we move forward with our children in the days to come, it is comforting to see and feel the support that surrounds us. Standing together strengthens us. The attendance and spirit of love means more to us than you may ever know.

The color white is one of peace and love. We hope to spread the message with this effort so that all communities can heal and find comfort during this time of tragedy