Tax Ratification Election

As an entity that teaches civic responsibility, I appreciate those of you who exercised your right to vote in the tax ratification election.  The voters have spoken, and we are already moving forward with that feedback and finalizing the budget for this year.  After being asked, I want to make it clear that budget adjustments will be made in order to keep the two police officers we recently added to provide additional security on campuses. 

The good news is Floresville ISD always has its students’ best interests in mind, and the dedication of our staff to our students is stronger than ever.  With that said, we have very exciting and important work ahead of us as we begin the FISD Strategic Planning process in September.  The work of public schools is more challenging now than ever before, as we prepare students for jobs and careers that don’t yet exist.

As public schools are faced with financial challenges and asked to do more with less, I will continue to advocate on behalf of our FISD students and staff as the 86th Legislative Session is called to order January 8, 2019.  You can rest assured I will work with the FISD Board of Trustees to continue to be fiscally responsible and seek out every opportunity to receive additional funding for our district.  It’s an honor to serve Floresville ISD students, staff and community.