FISD Goes Gold

Floresville ISD Family and Community,

Tonight, FISD has invited Janet Pollok to conduct the coin toss at the football game. Ms. Pollok lost her son, Luke, to childhood cancer when he was 10 years old. This week, FISD went Gold to help fund Childhood Cancer research. For some of our families, a cure will come too late, but for many, across the country and in our own community, research could bring the cure that will save lives.

Joining Mrs. Pollok this evening will be families who have fought and are currently fighting this difficult battle. We will be honoring fighters Darian Ibarra, Jalie Carrasco, Daisey Perez and their families. In memory of those who are no longer with us, we will also honor Alyssa Olivo, Joey Tamez, Keilani Touchstone and their families. We appreciate they are taking the time to be with us tonight and for fighting for not only their children, but the children of others.

Thank you to the many students, staff, parents and community members who have supported our efforts to raise funds this week. FISD will be donating over $2000 to childhood cancer research as a result of your generosity.

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