Community – October 2019

If that word doesn’t make you feel happy, let me share some thoughts that may make you feel differently. During the third week of October, our entire community comes together to celebrate its heritage during the Peanut Festival. I love that our students are involved in so much of what the Festival is. From the first days, our Junior Historians, Athletes and FFA worked to prepare our city for the festivities. The Royal Court, made up of FHS seniors and elementary students, represent Floresville and our district at events all over South Texas. The seniors also serve as wonderful role models for our younger students. At the Parade, you can see our bands, cheerleaders, ROTC, FFA, Welding students and Tigerettes all smiling along the route. What people who aren’t from Floresville may not understand about the Peanut Festival is that it’s not necessarily about the ceremonial events, it’s about our Floresville Family coming together to make memorable experiences for every single one of us. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen former students and their families excitedly run over to tell me about their lives after graduation. It’s about loving your community and the people in it. It’s difficult to explain and it’s special. It creates a sense of belonging and teaches our students how to be active participants in their community. It’s another reason I am blessed to be a part of this community and the #FloresvilleFamily.

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