January - Thank you FISD Board of Trustees

January is School Board Appreciation Month and FISD joined districts across Texas to thank these community volunteers for their commitment and contributions to our public schools.
Being a Board member is difficult work. The Board is responsible for making tough decisions about policies and budgets that affect 4100+ students, 500+ employees and our entire community. I want to thank each of them for their focus on students as they make those decisions.
Next week, you will receive the 2019 FISD State of the District in your mailbox. In it, you will see the accomplishments of our students and teachers. You will also see the progress made during the first year of the implementation of FISD’s Strategic Plan. None of those things would be possible without the support of the FISD Board of Trustees. 
Thank you to Penny Smith, Bill Meuth, Rachel Pena, Heath Orth, Jason Svoboda, Alena Berlanga and Bonna Reed for the time and effort put forth to ensure a quality public education for ALL children. They are truly launching the next generation!