February-The People of the Strategic Plan

When we talk about the FISD Strategic Plan, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the processes and lose focus on the people. Last week, Marcia Gonzales, FHS principal, and I met with a group of 40 high school students who volunteered to talk about the FISD Strategic Plan. We shared an overview of the plan and had conversations about whether they see some of those things in their classrooms.   
What we learned was that our students enjoy having a choice and a voice in their learning and that many of their teachers are giving them those opportunities. They are interested in having time during the school day to explore their interests. They have ideas about service-learning and what they could do to make their school and community a better place. They agree that we need to spend time making sure our students are socially and emotionally healthy. They even helped us brainstorm ways we might be able to add time into the schedule to do those things.
One thing is for sure, I learned so much from our students. They asked good questions and thought critically before answering our questions. I’m excited to continue these meetings throughout the year to get their feedback because, after all, this work is about them and making sure we are preparing every student for a prosperous life.