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April 9 - Updates and Thank you!

FISD Family

I want you to know that I am thinking about each of you during these incredibly difficult times. I think about how proud I am to be a part of a group of people who put other’s needs first every day. Every single staff member is working in new and innovative ways to take care of our students and their families. From taking care of their basic needs to facilitating their learning, you are making life better for Floresville Families. Thank you. I know it’s exhausting work and I appreciate you. With so many moving parts to our new way of doing business, I wanted to give you some updates as well as share some good news.

This was the first week of meal delivery to FISD students. Our Child Nutrition staff and Transportation staff have worked very hard to make this happen for our families. This week, 5,424 meals were delivered and 1,424 were distributed curbside. Since FISD started meal service, our Child Nutrition staff has prepared 27,508 meals for children.  This process has been incredibly difficult with TDA changing guidelines almost daily. I was on the bus today helping with delivery, and I can’t tell you how proud I am of everybody who has helped make this process work. 

Packet pick up has been another learning process, and I’m happy to report that it is improving every week. I want to thank all staff members making copies of the lessons our teachers are working so hard to create. Packet pick up is Friday for elementary students and Monday for secondary students. Next week we will begin delivering packets along with meals, to families who have been picking them up. 

Device deployment is moving along as well. The district’s first priority was to provide devices for secondary students taking Dual Credit or online courses. This phase has been completed. Now, we are able to move to the next phases of deployment, beginning with secondary students and prioritizing by grade level starting with 12th graders. Secondary parents were emailed yesterday and have been asked to complete a request form by April 10. Then, the district will deploy to elementary students again prioritizing by grade level. Elementary parents will receive the same email on Monday and be asked to complete the request form by April 15. If we have devices left after that, we will start over with secondary students. Thank you to our Technology Department for working hard to make devices available to our students.  

I know everybody is spending hours in front of screens. But, it is amazing that, right now, screen time is actually keeping us connected. Teachers have told us how happy their students are to see them and that students are enjoying sharing their animals, pets and home life with them. Even when they aren’t together, teachers are still building important relationships with students. Another important connection happening is with our parents who are getting to see teachers in action, maybe even for the first time. It’s a whole new world of connection. I know every campus has been having virtual staff meetings, and I want to thank the campus administrative teams for their leadership during what may be the most difficult time for education in our history. 

We are able to accomplish all of these things in safe and secure working conditions at FISD because of our Maintenance and Custodial staff who are literally covering our tracks as we all work to support FISD students.  Also, know that our Finance department has not missed a beat.  They have helped to ensure our kiddos are fed, our bills are paid and you will be too, as scheduled.  

Finally, I want you to know that our parents appreciate you. They see how hard teachers are working for their students. They see the meals being delivered. They see people at packet pick up. They see our counselors providing services. They are saying thank you on our social media and on their own pages. During meal delivery, today, I took the photo below. It brought tears to my eyes, but they weren’t sad tears, they were hopeful tears. This too shall pass, and we will come out better than we were before. 

Enjoy your day off tomorrow and enjoy Easter weekend. You deserve time to take care of yourself and your family. 

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