Relationships are Built on Communication

At FISD, we are working hard to provide a variety of effective communication options to connect our schools, parents and communities because we know that relationships are built on communication. In fact, FISD is right on target according to a survey from the National School Public Relations Association which revealed that parents want school news delivered through technology.  Below you will find a list of options available to parents and or community to access information about the many great things that are happening at FISD. 

FISD Web Page

FISD Focus – keeping staff and community informed about the actions of the FISD Board of Trustees

FISD Update – quarterly publication highlighting happenings in the district and on campuses

Superintendent’s Blog – bi-monthly posting that you can subscribe to

News and Announcements – weekly happenings at FISD

Our Story – stories about our students and staff that define our FISD culture

District Fact Sheet – available on the district web site

Remind - texting service to inform of school closings or delays due to inclement weather

Floresville ISD Facebook – link at the bottom of our web page

Coffee and Conversation – meeting for parents and anyone interested in learning more about FISD. 

txGradebook - parent portal providing parents and guardians Web access to information about their students

Blackboard – FISD’s automated phone, text and email that can be sent to parents – phone number and email addresses need to be on file and up to date on your child’s campus to ensure that you are notified through these options.

Using effective communication is crucial to relationships and to our success as we strive to promote a positive, collaborative learning environment.  Constantly seeking out ways to improve communication is one more way that FISD is working with our staff, parents and community as we prepare our students for a prosperous life.