The Power of a Kind Word

 Last week, as a way to offer Thanksgiving cheer, the Floresville South Elementary administrators each took a grade level and offered to be their lunch “delivery” person.  When the principal, Shelley Keck, walked into Mata’s to pick up an order, the owner, Alex DeLeon greeted her.  When Mrs. Keck shared that she was picking up lunch for some teachers, Mr. DeLeon refused to let her pay and covered the cost of the meal for the teachers.  This is just one example of many businesses here in Floresville that support and show appreciation for our teachers. 

As Ms. Keck walked out, several people offered to help carry food and they all shared with her how awesome our teachers are.  When Ms. Keck shared this with our FISD Leadership Team she said she wished all FISD teachers could have been there and felt the caring and admiration from that group of people.  Never underestimate the power of a kind word or action. It may affect one or many, many people without you even knowing it.  At FISD, we call those actions Acts of Kindness. 

The Thanksgiving holiday gives us an opportunity to step back from the many demands of our work to reflect on and appreciate our families, our friends, and our freedom.  I am thankful to work at Floresville ISD and live in Floresville – a community that not only notices our teachers’ hard work, but appreciates it as well.  I want to take this moment to thank our Floresville community for their commitment and support of FISD.   Together, we are preparing our students for a prosperous life. 

I, along with the FISD School Board, wish you and your families a happy and safe holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving!