What our kids think is important!

Those who know me, know that I believe student voice is a critical piece to our success at FISD.  To me, giving students voice means empowering students to effect change by offering them an outlet to be heard which, in turn, can provide the District opportunities for continuous improvement.


Whether I was a middle school teacher or a campus principal, I have always sought out opportunities to sit down with students to talk to them, to understand them, and to learn from them.  The superintendency has been no different for me as I have met with Student Advisory Committees at Floresville Middle School and Floresville High School.  Middle school students have shared what they like about our school – ranging from serious issues, like continuing our anti-bullying focus and offering advanced courses to opportunities to have some fun, like dressing up each day during Red-Ribbon Week.  At FHS, when I asked students what the worst thing was about being a freshman, I was pleased to hear that they had no complaints, in fact, they commented it was a really good time.  One of my favorite things to ask students to do is describe the qualities of a good teacher.  Our high school students talked about teachers that “like to teach”, “treat students with respect”, “are passionate”, “are knowledgeable”, and “try to understand and get to know us”.  Along with these comments, it was no surprise to me when students shared names of teachers in our district that fit this bill! Discussing issues students would like to change is an opportunity for us to better explain why we do what we do, or possibly consider making some changes as we strive for continuous improvement.  


My hope in engaging in these collaborative discussions with students is that they feel a greater sense of ownership with our educational processes. Creating a school environment where students are confident enough to respectfully express how they feel about what we are doing is a good sign that we are on the right road to preparing our students for a prosperous life.   It is our responsibility to ensure academic and personal growth in these kiddos, but we can learn so much for them as well.  We have great kids here at FISD and I love spending time with them!