Let FISD help YOU be a life-long learner!

We are excited about expanding FISD’s traditional role in public education to include Community Education.  By growing a mutually supportive relationship between home, school, and community, we will be able to provide lifelong learning opportunities, increase community involvement in our schools, and efficiently use our resources.

By design, Community Education takes advantage of local resources and capabilities and responds to an individual community's particular needs and wishes.  We are starting this journey with small steps by offering two courses:  Microsoft Word 101 beginning February 24th and Nutrition Education beginning February 17th.  In order to cover the cost of the instructor, at least 10 people will need to sign-up for the courses to be held.  For more details on these two courses, please click here or visit the District’s web site under the “Preparing You” tab.  

If you have an area of expertise that might be a future course offering or if there is a topic you would be interested in learning more about, please contact Assistant Superintendent Clay Rosenbaum at 393-5300 or email at crosenbaum@fisd.us.  At FISD, we believe that public schools are the foundation of our community.  Working together, we can help individuals in our community prepare for a prosperous life.