FISD People & Programs Make a Difference

Throughout this school year, several times a month on social media and our FISD web site, I recognize a staff member who has Crossed the Line with their hard work, commitment, focus and resiliency.  We also share what we call an elevator speech, which is something you would say to somebody if you had 30 seconds to brag on the accomplishments of FISD.  In an effort to make sure these positive and inspiring stories of public education reach as many people as possible, and because I know not everyone participates in social media, I plan to also share these recognitions through my Superintendent Blog at the end of each month.  Below you will find links to our most recent stories:     Making Great First Impressions – Ramona Ortiz and Eloise Medina     Karissa Jarzombek and Kindness     FISD Healthy and Happy     Floresville Reads Millions and Gets Smarter in the Process     FISD Teamwork     Gaylyn Penlerick Going the Extra Mile     Creating a Special Learning Experience at FNE Tricia Jarzombek & Valerie Enrique     Ben Reed Helping Children and Families

There are many great stories to be told and as a public school district we have so much to be proud of.  Working together, FISD staff, parents and community all play a critical role in our students’ success.  Thank you for your contributions.