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Every Day is Digital Learning Day at FISD

Thousands of schools and communities will celebrate the fifth anniversary of Digital Learning Day today, February 17, 2016, taking part in the transformation of teaching and learning powered by technology. It is a day that challenges everyone to be actively involved in reimagining the education system and is an opportunity to remind our teachers and community of the need for innovation in our classrooms. 


Educators today have the challenging task of preparing students to be productive in the 21st Century, when no one is certain what students will need to know in their future lives.  In fact, we are preparing them for jobs that don’t even exist yet.  What we do know is that technology will be a major part of their lives; research tells us that by the year 2020 there will be more jobs in the technology field than people to fill them. 


Not only does FISD strive to be innovative in our delivery, but The Portrait of a Floresville ISD Graduates identifies the need to develop innovation in our students as well; FISD is committed to developing 21st century graduates who are life-long learners that are purposeful, innovative, collaborative and possess character traits that lead to success. 


FISD teachers and administrators have been, and will continue to be, intentional in our efforts to provide our students opportunities to be innovative and to use technology.  Be sure to keep up with our social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we document the many innovative practices on Digital Learning Day.   #FISDDigitalLearningDay #DLDay

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