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FISD Teachers Make Great Things Happen

“Who is Your Favorite Teacher” is an activity I have used many times when trying to illustrate the HUGE impact that teachers have on a student’s life. When you ask someone to think of your favorite teacher, what do they remember most? It’s likely not the content they taught you. What you remember is how that teacher cared about you, the time he or she took to get to know you, how you felt like you mattered, how you were inspired to be the very best version of yourself, or for some maybe it was just how, when you walked into that classroom, you knew you were safe.

During teacher appreciation week, it’s important to recognize all of the amazing things teachers do every day for students. Not only are they experts in their fields, they are planners, organizers, care givers and cheerleaders. They spend countless hours preparing to make sure every single student gets the best kind of instruction for their individual needs. They love and care about the success of their students, not just in the classroom, but also in their lives. It’s their mission and their passion. They believe in “their” kids like they are their own. And, they are…..every day from 8am until 4pm, teachers put 100% of their enthusiasm, expertise and love into making students smarter, more confident, kinder and ready for their futures.

FISD is fortunate to have the best of the best. Teachers who work tirelessly to make good things happen for kids.  FISD Teachers, thank you for being unwaveringly dedicated to your craft and your students.  I truly believe the teaching profession contributes more to the future of our society than any other single profession and we cannot say thank you enough.  Thank you for making the world a better place by educating and caring for students.

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