FISD Core Beliefs

As superintendent, one of my main priorities is to clearly communicate the direction of our school district.  The course of that direction begins with a district’s vision and mission statement, which have been adopted by our FISD School Board.  I believed an important next step is to develop Core Beliefs; the very essence of how we see ourselves, other people, the world, and our future.  Core Beliefs will guide our work, bond the district and community together and, when developed with input from all stakeholders, can transcend both time and individuals.

It is for these reasons in May 2016, I invited a team of 30 members that included FISD employees, FISD Board Member, parents, community, business representatives and FHS students, to provide guidance and leadership as we work to prepare 21st century students to live prosperous lives.  Below you will find the Core Beliefs the committee developed and our FISD Board adopted in June 2016.

We believe that each individual is unique.

We believe character values are the building blocks of a prosperous life.

We believe in a strong work ethic.

We believe mutual respect is the foundation for a safe and nurturing environment.

We believe that helping one another strengthens our community.

We believe education is a shared responsibility throughout the community.

We believe effective communication is vital to success.

We believe that life-long learning cultivates personal growth.

We believe that everyone deserves access to a quality education.

We believe that in failure there is opportunity for growth.

Throughout the school year I will elaborate on each of these Core Beliefs and share how we, as a District, are committed to making them a reality.  People may come and go, time may pass, but these core beliefs, which represent our Floresville community, will remain the same. 

A special thank you to the committee members who worked hard to accomplish the task at hand.  I appreciate your commitment to the process and being willing to take risks and share your thoughts and ideas, to develop Core Beliefs we can all be proud of and strive to work toward.

Victoria Carter, Madelynn Castro, Kim Cathey, Jana Clarke, Irene Ferry, Denise Frye, Nick Gawlik, Karissa Jarzombek, Tami Kensing, Daelah Laskowski, Denice Lyssy, Sylvia Madero, Justin Marshall, Diana Morlang, Adrianna Nieto, Maria Perez, Nancy Puckett, James Rethaber, Melissa Rodriguez, Clay Rosenbaum, Anna Rubio, Nick Silva, Virginia Silva, Penny Smith, Michelle Talley, Cynthia Torres, Josie Trevino, Allison Woefler