Thank you, FISD Board of Trustees!

At the January FISD Board Meeting, campuses surprised the Trustees with tokens of appreciation: baskets of goodies, cookies, and even an autographed baseball – all in an effort to say thank you and to emphasize that working together, they make an All-Star Team.    The two elementary campuses produced a video which was entertaining, but along with the humor there was some wisdom shown at a very young age


When asked what makes an All-Star Team, the kids hit the nail on the head, describing the work of our Trustees by saying things like: Never Give Up, Hard work, Trust, Focus, Helping one another and Teamwork.  I couldn’t have described our FISD Board of Trustees better myself.  Each of them truly cares about our students and staff.  Please join me in thanking our FISD Board of Trustees for their time and commitment to FISD.