Core Beliefs in Action

“We believe each individual is unique” and “that everyone deserves access to a quality education” are two of FISD’s Core Beliefs. I am proud to say that two stories about how those beliefs were put into action are being shared on a large scale.  Yesterday, the Texas Education Agency shared a story about a unique student and how FHS staff members worked to meet his needs.  The story highlights that educators do great things for kids every day, but these teachers recognized what the student has done for them as well.

The second example, being recognized in the greater San Antonio area, validates that FISD is engaging our students by allowing them to explore careers of interest to them.  KSAT 12 is highlighting the FISD Culinary Program, Cyber Security Program and District Career Day. You, and all of the viewing area, will have a chance to vote online for one of those programs until this Friday, February 7th.  The winning program will be announced on KSAT 12 at 8:30 AM, on a LIVE segment from FHS!! Be sure to share the link with your friends and family, too! Let's get the word out about the great opportunities FISD staff are creating for our students!!


Kudos to the students, parents, community and staff members who helped to develop our FISD Core Beliefs.  Treating each other with care and respect, building on individual strengths and preparing students for careers that are meaningful to them are just a few of the ways FISD is preparing our students for a prosperous life.