The End of Bullying Begins with Us!

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, a time when communities can unite nationwide to raise awareness of bullying prevention. FISD students and staff are showing support of bullying prevention by wearing orange this month.

As FISD continues to work to create a Community of Character, we are once again asking our students and staff to accept Rachel’s Challenge: to go out of our way to show compassion, which will start a chain reaction of the same. Rachel left a legacy of reaching out to those who were different, who were picked on by others, or who were new at her school.  By turning the story of a tragic death at Columbine High School into a mission for change, Rachel's Challenge is helping create safer learning environments and making a world-wide impact.

FISD PK-8 students will attend a Rachel’s Challenge Presentation next week designed to encourage students to treat others with kindness and respect. The sophomores at FHS, along with FISD staff, will be participating in a Chain Reaction Day through Rachel’s Challenge. Chain Reaction is designed to draw students together to break down barriers and influence students to make positive changes in attitudes, behaviors, and values:

Bullying/Teasing - Willingness to reach out for help – Gossiping - Openness of expression - Judging others - Valuing others - Having empathy towards others - Having a hopeful outlook on life

Students respond to the day’s challenges with self-reflection and the acknowledgement of personal responsibility that leads them to start their own positive Chain Reaction.

 Rachel’s Challenge is all about simple acts of kindness. At FISD every time a student, teacher, or staff member experiences an Act of Kindness, an AOK link is made. At the end of the year, all campuses will bring their links together to make one incredible chain of kindness. Join FISD and accept Rachel's Challenge to start a chain reaction of kindness! If you have an act of kindness that you would like to add to our FISD and Community Chain, send us an email about it at .  Thank you for helping us “Prepare Our Students for a Prosperous Life with Character, Knowledge and Confidence”.