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It probably is not a surprise to most of you that last week was Celebrate Texas Public Schools Week, but what you may not know is that it was created by the Masonic Lodges to provide Texas Public Schools Week was created by the Masonic Lodges to provide an opportunity to celebrate our state’s free system of education. And rightfully so, our state’s future success comes through the quality of education received by public school students.   


Great things are happening in Public Schools across Texas, and specifically at FISD.  In our FISD Updates, our goal is to bring attention to the many untold success stories and zero-in on the accomplishments of our outstanding students and staff. I hope that by sharing we are not only informing, but we are inspiring schools to continue to achieve and improve.  Just as important, I hope that we are communicating the importance of the teaching profession.  I am not aware of any other profession that has such a significant impact on not only the future of our students, but the future of our state, nation and world. 


FISD is striving to create environments that are full of hope and encouragement. Our vision is to prepare students for a prosperous life by providing a solid foundation with dedicated efforts by educators and support from parents and the community. Working together, we equip our students with the tools necessary to be future ready.


Last week we celebrated Texas Public School Week, in the latest edition of our FISD Update, we are celebrating our students’ varied accomplishments https://1.cdn.edl.io/MjplKT0GXaZz7t9MG9vqEzGgKDzfD0PWYOq2A7zc4mVVApxA.pdf . You will see that they are excelling in arts, academics, sports and service. Public schools give students a place to explore their talents and find success using them. FISD is a proud Texas Public School.

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