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Words Can Give Purpose

“Inspired” is the word that best describes me as I leave FHS teacher Mike Haag’s English IV classroom, where I observed his students conduct a Skype interview with Steve Hartman, CBS News Correspondent featured weekly on the CBS Evening News in his segment, “On the Road”. I am inspired to know that FISD teachers are creating real world experiences like that for our kiddos.  It was inspiring that Mr. Hartman touched on so many of the things that are important to FISD – Character, Hope, Doing something your good at (Strengths)…..we are on the right track! 

Everyone should know that this successful individual became a CBS News Correspondent because a TEACHER told him he was good at writing.  I am inspired, and humbled, to be reminded of the powerful impact and long term effects our words can have on students.  Of course it’s not just teachers’ words that matter.  ALL of OUR words matter – mine and yours.  What have you said to a child today that would encourage them, build their self-esteem, make them more confident….. give them purpose?  I am inspired because I was just reminded that I am part of the most important profession that exists, one that shapes students’ lives and our futures.

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