Floresville Independent School District

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Board Members


Board Member Directory


Stacy Meuth, President, president@ef.fisd.us


Aldon Lyssy, Vice-President of Development, vpdevelopment@ef.fisd.us


Michelle Talley, Vice-President of Finance and Governance, vpfinance@ef.fisd.us


Clifton Henke, Vice-President of Marketing and Events, vpmarketing@ef.fisd.us


Audrey Keylich, Vice-President of Programs, vpprograms@ef.fisd.us


Kandace Stevens, Secretary, secretary@ef.fisd.us


Dr. Sherri Bays, Superintendent of Schools, sbays@fisd.us


Penny Smith, Executive Member at Large psmith@fisd.us


Tina Hartmann
Courtney Cantu
Jennifer Kincaid

Fred Flores
Kim Cathey
Sandra Tackitt
Laurie Pawelek
Brittani Matthews
Christina Mutz
Kandace Stevens
Albert Saenz
Brianne Baggs
Krysta Baring
Staci Hartl
Audrey Keylich