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FISD Transportation Update

As expected, there were delays in bus pick-ups and drop-offs yesterday, August 22nd, due to twelve road closures in the area. Even though the rain has stopped, there were still ten road closures in our area this morning, August 23rd, requiring our buses to take long detours when picking-up some students. For instance, yesterday, a South Elementary bus had to be re-routed all the way to CR 775 to avoid road closures, adding almost an hour to some drop-off times, which then impacted the secondary routes as well. This is a temporary issue but definitely made FISD Transportation’s most challenging day of the year even more challenging. There are always issues with stops that become apparent during the first few days of school. Please know that we are addressing issues as they arise and making adjustments in routes and stops based on ridership.

FISD values your input and depends on parents to provide information so that we can make our processes more efficient. Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that when parents called the Transportation Department yesterday, they got busy signals or, through the automated system, were transferred directly to voicemail. This morning, we made adjustments in the phone system to ensure that you will speak to someone in person on the first attempt. Your call may cycle through a series of up to nine FISD employees’ phone lines, so be sure to stay on the line and continue to let the phone ring.

FISD is committed to providing great customer service to our parents and students and will continue to actively seek ways to improve our processes. Our goal is the same as yours, to get your child home safely and as quickly as possible. We appreciate your continued patience.

8-22, Regular Start Time and Bus Routes with Delays

Tomorrow, August 22nd, school will start at the regularly scheduled time. FISD buses will run as normal; however, due to road closures in the area, there will be delays. Bus riders should report to their designated stops. We would ask for your patience as our bus drivers navigate around road closures.

Road Construction Will Complicate Back to School Traffic

The first day of school is right around the corner! FISD wants to make you aware of some of the traffic issues facing parents during our first few days of school. We know and love that parents want to be a part of their child’s first day experience, which increases the volume of traffic significantly on and around our campuses during the first few days of the school year. As always, your patience is greatly appreciated on those important first days.

As you may have noticed, TXDot has started road construction on Highway 97, affecting the traffic flow to and from Floresville South Elementary and Floresville High School. After explaining the traffic challenges that a school district faces the first days/weeks of school, TXDot has agreed to delay their work. Instead of starting at 6:30 a.m., the road work is scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. for the first two weeks of school. TXDot will, however, continue to work into the evening, which will cause delays into and out of FSE and FHS. The back-up of traffic may also affect access to FMS during peak hours. We ask that you make the appropriate adjustments to your drop-off and pick-up times to ensure your child is on time and to avoid frustration. Your increased patience during the road construction is greatly appreciated.

To avoid the traffic altogether, consider taking advantage of FISD Transportation, starting with the first day of school. We are excited that FISD routes have been revised to be more efficient, resulting in reduced time students spend on buses and slightly later pick-up times; no child will have to be picked-up prior to 6:00 a.m. this year. To find your child’s route and pick-up location and time, please visit http://www.infofinderi.com/ifi/?cid=FI4AP6FKIT7 . FISD has great bus drivers that love and care about kids so you can rest assured that your child will have a positive experience, even during the very first week of school!

We’re looking forward to welcoming our students back on Monday!

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Our Story

Susan Royal - District Elementary Teacher of the Year

FSE Teachers Honor Real Super Heroes

FSE teachers know who the real super heroes are in this world! They delivered baskets of goodies to Floresville’s Super Heroes to thank them for the protection, leadership and service they provide for the citizens of Floresville every single day. These photos will be displayed at FSE to remind students that there are real super heroes in the world and they can grow-up to be one!

FISD Update

Click above to read the May edition of the FISD Update.

Elementary & Secondary Teachers of the Year

Congratulations to Susan Royal, FSE teacher, and Ramon Buruato, FMS teacher, on being named District Elementary and Secondary Teacher of the Year! Read a bit more about them by clicking above

Dr. Bays Recognizes FISD Officer Santos

As we conclude Police Appreciation Week and reflect on the countless courageous things officers do, we sometimes aren’t even aware of some of their most meaningful contributions. Dr. Bays is proud to recognize Officer Gilbert Santos for his outstanding efforts to show one student that he’s not alone and that people care about his success and well-being.

One of our FISD students lost his mother and father within the last several years. Officer Santos met the student at a time when he was struggling at school. After talking with the student, Officer Santos realized that he and the student’s father were officers in the SAPD at the same time and knew one another, and that’s when Officer Santos started making special things happen. He contacted the San Antonio Police Officer’s Association and with the help of Charlie McInvale, SAPD Officer, gave the student some special gifts that would remind him of his father’s service. The first, was a coin with the Patron Saint of Police, St. Michael, etched in it and the other was a copy of The Centurian, the monthly magazine of the San Antonio Police Officers Association, that recognized the service of the student’s father. But, what they really gave that student was the awareness that he still had a family, albeit not blood related, but one he could rely on in difficult times and one that cared about his future.

Officer Santos continues to check on the student to encourage him, give him a pat on the back, and make sure he’s secure in the knowledge that somebody is watching and somebody cares. When you talk to officer Santos about what he’s done for that student, you get the sense that he thinks it’s not something extraordinary. “We are his family. He needed to know he was never going to be alone. That’s just what you do.” We think Officer Santos is pretty extraordinary.

May Students of the Month

Breanna Pianfetti and Joshua Balboa are the May Students of the Month. Click above to read more about these incredible FHS seniors!

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