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Think College Thursday
Date: 2/11/2016
Location: Wear a College Shirt!
Student Holiday/Staff Development
Date: 2/15/2016
FISD Board Meeting
Date: 2/16/2016, 7 PM 8 PM
Location: FISD Administration Offices
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News and Announcements

Community Seminar: Drugs, Alcohol and Human Trafficking Trends in Our Community

Community Seminar: Drugs, Alcohol and Human Trafficking Trends in Our Community

Please join us Wednesday, January 27th at 6pm at the FISD Administration Office to learn about drug, alcohol and human trafficking trends in our community. Monica Leal and the FISD Police will present about drugs and alcohol issues from 6pm until 6:45pm. The Wilson County District Attorney's Office will discuss human trafficking from 6:45pm until 8pm. The presentation is intended for parents and community members only; it is not intended for younger audiences.

Thank a School Board Member

Thank a School Board Member

January is School Board Appreciation Month. Read Dr. Bays' new blog about the amazing job the FISD Board of Trustees does to make FISD a great place for students and teachers!

Great Things at FISD

At FISD, we are proud of the many ways students are giving back to our community to make a difference for others. Click above to read about some of them in "Great Things".

Floresville ISD Education Foundation Awards Grants

The Floresville ISD Education Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2015 Innovative Teaching Grants. In September, the Foundation announced that it would fund grants submitted by FISD teachers and administrators for a variety of innovative programs and projects to support higher levels of student learning. This year’s funded grants will enhance student academic performance and support the objectives, goals, and initiative of the Campus Action Plan.

The Foundation received thirty-five applications from teachers and administrators at all school levels - elementary, middle and high school, involving more than 70 teachers. A grant committee had the privilege to review all the applications and selected eight grants to fund at this time. The committee had a difficult time selecting grant winners and wished all applications had the necessary funding.

On December 4, the Foundation awarded $5140.00 in grants to the following teachers and projects at each campus.

OSMO Interactive Learning
Jennifer George
Floresville South Elementary School

Kindles in the Dyslexia Classroom
Beverly La France
Floresville North Elementary School

Robotics Club Grant
Lacy Pfeil, Dorothy Holman, Daidra Chilek, Tami Hernandez
Floresville North Elementary School

Bridging the Gaps to Success for All Students
Renee Deaver, Kim McCool, Kathy Kirtland
Floresville Middle School

Classroom Literature Garden
Heather Belcher
Floresville North Elementary School

Little Sprouts – Keyhole Garden
Susan Royal
Floresville South Elementary School

Creating Interactive Classroom with a Mobile Document Camera
Anthony Warzecha
Floresville High School

Keyhole Gardening
Beverly La France, Pam Davis
Floresville North Elementary School

Gifted & Talented Nominations Being Accepted

Floresville Independent School District is accepting nominations for the Gifted and Talented program for any students in 1st -12th grade. Nominations will be accepted from parents, educators, and community members, during the period of November 30th, 2015 through December 11th, 2015.

Nomination information may be picked up at any of the FISD campuses. For further information or to obtain the appropriate nomination form, please contact:
Karissa Jarzombek at Floresville North Elementary at 830-399-5310 – kjarzombek@fisd.us,
Cynthia Torres at Floresville South Elementary at ctorres@fisd.us, Melissa Pfeil at Floresville Middle School at mpfeil@fisd.us, and Cindy Sawers at Floresville High School at csawers@fisd.us.

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Our Story

Making Great First Impressions

Making Great First Impressions

Who is the person parents and community members talk to the most at a school? If the receptionist isn’t your answer, it probably ought to be. FISD is fortunate to have two ladies who are working hard every day to make sure your first impressions of their campuses are positive. Ramona Ortiz, FNE Receptionist, and Eloise Medina, FHS Receptionist, greet their customers with a smile, on their faces and in their voices. They do more than answer phones and greet guests, though. They make their campuses better places to visit, work and learn by being helpful and professional.

“From greeting visitors, to answering phones, to servicing the needs of the community, Ms. Ortiz can do it all. Her excellence and professionalism are exhibited every day and her love and passion for her work is evident in her warm smile,” is what Mrs. Raley, FNE Principal says about Ms. Ortiz. Mr. Schroller, FHS Principal, has similar praise for Mrs. Medina, “Because of your kindness and consistency to recognize the importance of customer service, Floresville High School is a family-friendly campus. Thank you for making our campus warm and inviting.”

It’s clear that these ladies take FISD’s commitment to customer service seriously. It’s also obvious that they love their jobs. Ms. Ortiz stated, "As I have told my friends...working up here is a pleasure, not a job." Mrs. Medina’s favorite thing about her job is helping the students and the public. She also loves her co-workers, “we are a team,” she says of the FHS staff.

Thank you to both ladies for working tirelessly to meet the daily needs of your campuses and for creating a positive environment for our kids, staff and families

Gaylyn Penerick Going the Extra Mile

Gaylyn Penerick Going the Extra Mile

Do you love your job so much that you’d do it on a Sunday for free? Gaylyn Penlerick does. Ms. Penlerick told her FMS Science students that she would be at the Witte Museum on a Sunday afternoon, and if students wanted to join her, they could explore the Bodies exhibit together. She had no idea that over 20 students, plus some of their family members, would take her up on it! We think that says an awful lot about the kind of teacher Mrs. Penlerick is.

Ms. Penlerick is passionate about her subject and it rubs off on her students! At the museum she was constantly surrounded by students excitedly asking questions and wanting to know more. When we asked her why she would give-up her weekend she said, “A student who wants the knowledge, and would give up their Sunday afternoon, should be given all I have to share”.

We share one parent’s sentiment, “I'm thankful for Ms. Penlerick’s devotion, patience and enthusiasm to teach.” FISD is so fortunate to have teachers like Gaylyn Penlerick who give so much to their students, in and out of the classroom

January Students of the Month

January Students of the Month

Joslyn Brice and Isaiah Wood are the January Students of the Month. Read more about these outstanding seniors by clicking above!

Creating a Special Learning Experience at FNE

When teachers go out of their way to create special learning experiences for students, we think they deserve special recognition! This week, Dr. Bays received an email from a parent about how Mrs. Tricia Jarzombek and Mrs. Valerie Enriquez worked together to give one of FNE’s special needs students an experience that he will likely remember for years to come.

Last week, 3rd graders at FNE got to watch their volcano projects come to life. Students have spent many hours making their volcanoes at home. While one 3rd grader was working on his project, his special needs brother, a 5th grader at FNE, also took great interest in the activity, inspiring the family to help him make his own volcano! When Mrs. Enriquez, FNE Special Education teacher, and Mrs. Jarzombek, 3rd Grade teacher, heard about the 5th grader’s interest, both teachers were enthusiastic about him having the full experience. Mrs. Enriquez encouraged the parent to bring the volcano to her class on the due date, and Mrs. Jarzombek volunteered to help the student with “erupting” his volcano just like she was doing with her third graders. Not only did both boys have a lot of fun with this project, Mrs. Enriquez and Mrs. Jarzombek included the entire life skills class in watching as they “erupted” the 5th grader’s volcano.

Mrs. Jarzombek loves seeing the looks on students’ faces when they get excited about learning. Mrs. Enriquez loves the excitement kids have for school. As you can tell by the photo of the brothers, both of those things are tangible in their expressions.

Thank you, Mrs. Jarzombek and Mrs. Enriquez, for taking the extra time and effort to nurture the excitement of learning for every student. Thank you for being inclusive and understanding how much a model volcano eruption would mean to a student and a family.

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